Stefano CossalterStefano Cossalter has served as Owner of online marketing consultancy for the past two years, building upon a robust entrepreneurial record as a go-to expert in sales, management and marketing. As a result, he has become an expert in guiding small businesses in marketing their own products and services.

Cossalter has also held the roles of Owner and Business Manager of Cossalter Sales and Management Consulting Services. In that position, he also oversaw web site software development, management and promotion; cell phone software and electronics procurement and Internet sales.

Previously, for Nicola Products Ltd., he supervised the import and distribution of new breath mint films from Japan into North America in a role as Owner/Manager.  Cossalter was involved with all aspects of the product development and launch.

Cossalter is married with two children. His off-the-clock hobbies include soccer and public speaking.

      Stefano Cossalter


Our strategy is simple:

1). We get you noticed and found by clients you would not normally have access to.
2). We engage your prospective clients on their terms so they are comfortable.
3). We engage and continue to follow up with them and keep them interested.

We achieve these goals by using the latest tools available along with our extensive know-how on behalf of your business.

Our goals are:

To get started right away – Taking action quickly using the new online and mobile platforms will get results quickly and give you the edge over the competition.

To build your program gradually – Not completing everything at once helps you control your costs by paying for it with new customers and leads.

To bring together all of the elements of mainstream marketing together so they work effectively with each other. Search engines, video, mobile marketing and social media.

To do all this with no extra work on your part. We plan, execute and manage your online social media and mobile marketing program for you. This way you can reap in the benefits of new essential marketing methods without spreading you and your employees too thin.

You can be sure that we can offer you the best and most up to date services available. We want you to make more money.

Payment Accepted:
Cheque, American Express, Visa, Discover, Master Card, Paypal